Journal of Value Inquiry Author-meets-critics symposium issue

Probably in December, the Journal of Value Inquiry will be running a symposium issue on Markets without Limits. We’re very grateful to the Journal, as well as all of the contributors for their sustained and deep look at our book. It was a lot of fun to read them.

Some of the criticisms have been made available to readers online. Here they are:

Jeffrey Moriarty: “Wanted: Positive Arguments for Markets.”

Michael Munger: “Objections to Euvoluntary Exchange do not have “Standing”: Extending Markets without Limits.”

Jeppe von Platz: “Person to Person: A Note on the Ethics of Commodification.”

Jasmine Carter: “Not Really a Market without Limits.”

Meanwhile, we responded to all of the critics in an article entitled, “If you can Reply for Money, you can Reply for Free.

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